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Luoyang joy wedding planning was established in September 2005, is specialized in the planning, organization, implementation of the celebration company, my company in passing on traditional etiquette culture fusion of Eastern and Western ritual essence, creating a new age ritual celebration concept of value, time and experience. Ebb tide-like competition in the market and more development, set out on a "honesty" and "trust" principle, to the innovative and unique development road of entrepreneurship.
Pioneering, innovation and enterprising is the idea of joy wedding planning company, we will be thoughtful for you to carry out a full range of services for opening ceremony of volunteer activities, enterprises in Luoyang, product promotions, real estate Foundation, open, available, joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises opened, Changqing. Meaning you can not think of services provided for you. You mean our bounden duty, Rachel Joy wedding planning company is your best choice, so that my services become landscape in Luoyang.

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