10 details of wedding planning

1. This is a traditional menu, the font color is consistent with the overall style wedding. Placed on a white napkin, which meet the more mannered wedding style.
2. this menu is printed on a barrel-like wooden boards, and the number for each table is created. If your wedding wine theme which can be reference for this design.
3. the menus and tableware, back together to form a perfect combination. Couples choose to return is the wildflower seeds, small is lovely. Therefore, menu production, may also wish to use cute design.
4. a Rosemary sprig and a menu card gives guests an elegant and fresh feeling, if you have green, sweet, quiet wedding elements may wish to add such a plant designed on the menu.
5. This is a "Dandelion" themed wedding, then, on the menu card design, you can see the dandelion model. Dinner, menu with red lights, wine echoed, while white dandelion which adds more spiritual.
6. If your wedding outdoors, so might as well try this menu design, printed menu with a piece of bark and bonded together, people really not willing to discard. At home, are very good decorative items!
7. on the menu and not in the table, but put in a box along with guest seating cards. Green box, green font, reminiscent of spring in the air, so if your wedding theme with the spring, green, nature-related.
8. There is no doubt that this wedding is a pink themed wedding, from wedding invitations and menus to match box, pink, this is a very striking color!
9. If a singer do you like music, may wish to use in your wedding the elements! The wedding couple obviously likes Noral Jones song "come with me", and in the design of the menu, references and adapted into "dining with us."
10. this lovely paper placemats, and a menu. On both sides of the design perfectly integrated with tableware, environmental-friendly, stylish design, I believe there will be a lot of people like it! BACK

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