10 wedding accident emergency recovery

Know, and awaited the moment is coming, the other day, you will be the whole focus of the most respected. The beautiful bride, capers flower, Hershey's crowd, no one will be willing to make some small mistakes undermine the best of everything. So, do your homework is essential for the wedding in advance, especially for the small accident may want to remedy.
1. Feeling too far
Quality is everyone is different, some people are particularly nervous, nervous do not work properly, prone, wedding day keep this anxiety mood affect the perfect day, who wants to see a nervous blush, stammered thanks's bride.
Is really not difficult to avoid, is recommended in the wedding day, choose a warm, quiet place to stay quiet for some time, let your bridesmaids in another room. Especially in the maid of a lot of cases, is the best way to relax alone.
2. Bouquet flower shop employee was sent to the wrong
To control their mood, and firing is required before he went back to the shop you find a solution. If they cannot be remedied in a timely manner, so that a reliable friend or relatives call could think of a flower shop. Believe that when they know your problems, and will try our best to help you and put your needs first. If the florist is unable to deliver, let Hall receptionist on flower shops take. If time is too late, pick Dan Duo of roses and orchids in the hand to the red carpet, so will look unique and elegant.
3. dirty wedding
When buying a wedding dress should be asked on the spot cleaning method, but is best left until after the wedding to clean, this is better. Wine or champagne spilled on the stain should be dealt with immediately, under the wedding mat towels, scrub or wash with white vinegar, then dry with absorbent paper so as not to leave a mark.
In fact, starting from home to keep the wedding dress clean is not difficult. Key is to plan in advance, time allows you to designate someone to check your car seat clean. Especially in winter or on rainy days and out of cars to be more careful, out, take the time to pick up skirt, so that it does not touch the ground, stairs or porch should be careful, you can ask for help. In addition, the static will make the wedding quickly covered with a layer of dust, so should be in a piece of linen on the floor in front of the dressing.
4. Float
Believe that apart from your family and close friends no one saw you sitting outside the car, so you can leave and a drive to family members or friends of the peer. In theory, the car should wait outside the hotel after the wedding is over, the driver will appear very sorry at this time, and you save a lot of expense. If the car does not appear, continue to find a good car guest give you a ride back to the car. If you want to select a better approach to avoid such an embarrassing situation occurred, let your rich friends don't mean show off their nice cars, not to worry about can't stop and safety, so that you don't have to worry about wedding dress up for rent or go home.
5. jam
Experience this kind of situation can only be used to reassure nervous way-late-be sure you're not alone. Meanwhile, hurriedly phoned hotel and friends rushed to prepare in advance to explain problems that occur, and measures to make them want to deal with. Best and communicated in advance the day before the wedding possible time issues, and remind your guests where there is road construction. Even traditional brides always a little late, but best not to take risks. Reservation time of arrival, or even take the time to know.
6. Rain
For such problems, and sometimes even astronomers cannot predict, how can you predict it! Even Super planning cannot change this fact. Getting wet mess if you do not want to see a bride, advance preparation is still the best way. First, make sure your maid or driver heavy open umbrella can protect your hair. Meanwhile, in order to protect your shoes, you might as well let the groom back to dry places, or simply give up temporarily on the image boots, this approach works, just remember them off in front of the hotel.
7. broken heels
Preferences vary, no guarantee that the same day the bride must be able to walk and even run in high heels "hotshots", and in order to facilitate the wearing and temperament, also had to cope with high heels shoes, the day must be very tired, so inevitably broken heel twist to foot of embarrassing, no one will be willing to walk on the field with a limp? Therefore, the best choice for high quality shoes, heels should not be too high, but if the heel broken do? Two more before the wedding and wedding dresses high heels to match, even if broken heel don't panic, the skirt can make it not anyone found, quietly changed ready for another double.
8. Food is very bad
For such an important occasion you might have to try or know where the food, at least it will make you understand where the standard, even cooks sometimes have missed time. Of course, it's also about the remuneration that you pay, believe that the name of the hotel guests were told that moment should know what kind of expectations on dishes. If you have special circumstances, food has become cool, look bad or component is too small to let your groomsmen or complaint the family immediately. In case it was too late to make improvements, let the hotel organise a free on-site buffet as compensation.
9. Allergic reaction
However, on the wedding day is best prepared a number of medicines. If you have asthma, be sure to put on respirators. Tension on your wedding day and kick more likely to result in the recurrence of some diseases, such as asthma, urinary tract infections, etc. Especially when doing preparation for so long after the accumulation of stress, sense of urgency and emotion reached its highest point at this time. The best way is to prepare a small Kit in side, let your bridesmaids help you take to prepare for emergencies. In addition, your wedding two weeks ago not to use all the features you've never used makeup, moisturizer, etc, because if in case of allergic reactions, is difficult to recover within a short time.
10. someone was drunk in wedding
This is the higher incidence of wedding, event, don't hesitate and don't give them any excuse to find fault, immediately asked them to return early to rest, and their taxis as soon as possible or it is a new house in the sofa. Try to avoid a drunken fight in a wedding event, say never, have a high incidence of this is at the wedding. In addition, if someone got drunk before his speech, try using water or a cold shower (if time permits) to wake them up. Don't let them drink coffee because coffee will only let an intoxicated person who is more excited and restless. Our suggestion is that during the preparations for the wedding for yourself a wedding day schedule and preview it again before the wedding, so much would not have happened accidentally. BACK

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