11 ways to teach you how to make the perfect groom

Groom dress is important, picky about is inevitable, but as the groom's do you know "self etiquette, manners and etiquette," the importance of it? If you want to make a perfect wedding day groom, following instructions can not not know.
1, exercise
Dresses to wear a visible, more exercise is the most important natural, lose fat belly as early as possible, if you want to reduce more than ten pounds, at least 1 month in advance implementation of weight-loss programs, of course, the ideal way is to ask a professional fitness trainer, to find the best ways to exercise.
2, straight
Even the most expensive dress on, as long as a humped back, posture and demeanor will be greatly reduced. Stand adjust the attitude, targeted muscles.

Pictures for the wedding or meeting guests, white teeth and a smile is very important.

Should be familiar with in the week before before marriage stylist haircut, long natural hair enough time to be grateful. Be sure not to try new hairstyles at this important juncture, so as not to shoot they did, too late. Other embarrassing parts of thick hair such as nostrils, to trim and clean.
5, fixing nails
In order not to affect the overall performance of the day of the wedding, sections not to be missed. Cut nails in advance.
6, drive away body odor
Select a suitable antiperspirants. In front of the bow away with gargle water as much as possible. Of course, fresh and hearty Cologne best preparation for concentrations higher than that of the bride, or it will make man image discount
7, stands elegant
The day of the wedding, the groom should stand in front of the bride 15cm, gently curved arm, let the bride's right hand cupped his arm, two's "eight"-shaped stand. Admission, groom straight back, straight ahead, stride, medium, slightly slower, ask the bride calm followed. Never mind roll bride, so as not to step on the skirt, not too far away. Bow range will be about 15 degrees, head down still 1-2 second

Thanks to guests and groom, sincere, modest tone. In expressing their love to the bride at the same time also thank their parents ' upbringing, love of marriage, as well as other relatives and friends. Examples are as follows:
I miss today with someone married, marry and requested Mr. To all the friends and relatives visit, is an honour. Witness elders precepts with you just now, we must never forget, need your elders, relatives and siblings in the future exhibitions. Bad host today, please forgive me. With many good wishes for you all good health, family happiness!
Toast 9, you need to know
Toasting the couple is a demanding task, especially the groom. So zhiqian must to do Wan Quan prepared, first have find a at deal of block wine Division (groomsmen): second arrangements are Deputy "block wine hand" and block wine group: third in drinking Qian avoid fasting, more eat containing oil of food and stock, has hangover effect; IV don't rely on solutions Chinese yeast and tea, they more for hangover; v If has drink of excess, may wish to more drink soup and water, to diluted alcohol concentration.
10, main gift
To the guest gives the same, wedding at the end of the bride and groom should thank the guests at the door and off. Wedding gift is essential, including, in particular, must not forget the hard work of best man, a watch, a tie is good gifts.
Wedding is not one thing, acts as a protagonist in the groom at the wedding. Determine guest list, vehicles of the ceremony and reception, honeymoon planning, fan tired of living, the groom should take, that's a groom etiquette. BACK

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