About Chinese traditional wedding props

"A bride, and thanks to Gao, couple worship......" such a scene presumably most people would feel familiar. However, this picture is not in the film and television stills, but full reality show Oh! Tired of Lawn wedding, candle wedding, a cruise ship wedding and other Western-style wedding, the city's newly becoming traditional again, a series of firecrackers and suona retro wedding, gongs and drums sound come through the days before and after the Spring Festival, a grand "staged".
Fengguanxiapei costumes are the most essential props, and married the daughter of people, rich and poor, the wedding dress is very exquisite. Wearing a red coat, embroidered foot shoes, waist line fringed Ribbon was a color with embroidery dress, wore a ball and Pearl, jade pendant ornament clusters woven into "coronet", then shoulders embroidered with a variety of auspicious patterns of Brocade-"Xia Pei."
Red dress worn look how happy, especially the top flower ling, dressed in mangpaoyudai groom than Western-style wedding in the black suit, another gas-rich.
Qi Gong fan: it is situated in procession before straightening, flowers, the whole wedding ceremony is hilarious, spectacular.
Firecracker: wedding limo on the ride on the way, should be setting off firecrackers to celebrate.
Covering: ancient times brides fengguanxiapei with red cloth covering at the same time, to cover the evil red get auspicious meaning.
Saddle: a "saddle" and "Ann" sounds like, take the "safe" means for a long time. Put in on the threshold of the bridal chamber, says brides across the saddle, world security and peace. When the front foot into the threshold of the bride, back foot lifted also when there is no fall, from parents, with children under all-round saddle removed, fits "number will not marry Tsugio, horses do not deserve dual saddle" means.
Brazier: it was placed on the door of a fire, was over by bride, meaning after the wedding day is booming.
World Desk: placed in a hospital, desk, mirror, zoom, ruler, scissors calculations and scale, known as the "six". Meaning: how many home food, cloth, clothing, appearance, account no, things such as the Qing dynasty. Private only "three vectors (matchmaker) six-card" and taste, said new legitimate claims. Held until the time of the wedding ceremony, known as "the bride", hosted by MC, three is a bride, the second thanks to Gao, couple worship.
Scale stem: after into the bridal chamber, red hijab of scale stalk pick going to the bride and groom, meaning "desirable".
Anthurium: use the big red into wedding candles, lit in the halls and the bridal chamber. Jin Yinlong on enamel, it is called "wedding". BACK

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