Celebrity wedding PK Andy Lau Chu mansion tops

"Singles" Andy Lau has finally admitted he hid behind for 24 years of "invisible girl" Carol Chu, although without any explanation, LAU has won the support of many people.
Has not reported marriage, LAU is worried about damage to their image, which will affect their career development. But reporters interviewed many show business and found Andy Lau released after love, not only did not affect his image, but his popularity has been improved, and the woman behind the many mainland friends Chu was named "Liu Hui-fang" type of woman.
Tianjin producer Yu told reporters that Andy Lau on her national tour next year has already begun scheduling, the personal costs of 5 million in this event after the announcement, LAU can only increase in value should not be reduced, "I think next year is expected to exceed 6 million. "Advertising endorsements and Andy Lau, is 10 million, currently in the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan artists, belonging to the first level. Advertisers Zhang Jian believes that more before Andy Lau speaks for some clothing, cosmetics, but this time after the release of love, added Andy good man at home, I believe there will be more family-friendly products and milk powder producers find Andy Lau.
In the commodity society, soon became a big star, hundreds of millions of money is generally not a problem. Stars spend money to make money, naturally, like a stream, not one and the same. Buy homes, layout homes have become the identity of the stars show off another way. BACK

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