External considerations detailed Raiders

Before the photo
1, make an appointment to try on dresses, asking whether there is a whole set of gloves, jewelry (necklace, veil ... )
2, choose the right dress, asked the stylist what color shirt should be prepared, and groom tie, wedding dress shops are there provide tie
3, recommended a variety of dresses are selected, such as Ponte skirt, skirt, Halter,
4, discuss the shape, style and photographic situation with the photographer:
With a style that you like to talk about the best, or samples found at the scene like in appearance, than to the photographer
Print pictures that are found (and not modeling, photography style is going to find out, together with instructions)
Journal data (stick post in advance, so as not to turn on the spot looking for a long while)
Sample dresses take pop references
Mind your own there: feel it does not look good, ask them to modify (stylist), and note taking mirror angle
5, photographed 2 weeks before, and adjust the habit of early to bed and early to rise
6: overall place: first place to confirm that you want to, if more than one, please be sure flow. even the best what to wear well (this is the stylist issue)
7, photographed the night before to reduce drinking, avoid eye puffiness.
8, bride and groom wash hair before shooting. And trimming their hair and do not use any hair products.
9, date taken, if possible, non-weekend, one staff and one service, and second, attractions, and only a few
10, girls nail color suggestions like Nail Polish, best tint. Toenails to fix smeared Nail Polish BACK

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