For brides: wedding 8 advice

Wedding wars, even those around you may be busy in a hurry confused, let alone as a protagonist of you. But since you are the protagonist, the leisurely in pleasant mood to face this great event in your life. After all, no experience, nervousness is understandable, a look at the following guests 8 advice, you will find that you have not thought of the problem.
1. don't drink too much wine.
Drinking too much can make you seem tactless, so to control alcohol consumption and maintain elegant posture until the wedding is over.
2. Don't exaggerate on your wedding day.
When you find a friend or relative's seat was gone or forgotten album, you might have to ants. Remember, no matter what happens, be sure to remain peaceful and calm.
3. do you stand tall and straight.
Holy dress down to the erect posture, more beautiful.
4. take time to eat.
You spend a lot of time to select and groom wedding, why not stop to enjoy it? Even if it is a little piece of cake.
5. instead of constantly fiddling with their hair.
Weddings, many brides worry about hair styles vary. Really Hairstylist fixed measures have been done for you, your hair can hold out until the wedding is over. Is not assured, can make bridesmaids prepare some small Hairpin, ready to help you fix hairstyle.
6. the restraint of some bad habits.
As you can imagine, when the bride at the wedding video, I found myself chewing gum, or talking with guests habitually bite fingers and you will immediately delete. So make sure to refrain from their habit of gamesmanship.
7. do not prepare too loud music.
In General, the guest is about 30% in the elderly, they didn't like the noisy environment, so sound volume control.
8. to calm yourself.
Every one hour or a short period of time, stop and you are busy-ness, savor the moment, feel the people around smile, then look at the groom. A moment of silence will make you feel very comfortable. BACK

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