New "lazy" nine tricks

Wedding is like a battle, a test of endurance and physical strength of the couple. But, who took to the red carpet of the wedding like a warrior going into battle? If you were truly "lazy" one lazy as good as son of the society the following trick, let your wedding relaxed, perfectly!
Trick 1 looking for someone with his stature is close friends avatar once when fitting
Custom-made dress or buy clothing, will inevitably be tailored and modified several times. Again and again to the costume shop fitting, waste of new a lot of valuable time. Looking for body, body size and his close friend, will last one or two times when I try on clothes please her (him) to do, thus saving a lot of time.
Of course, there cannot be exactly the same man in the world, just looking for can be as close as possible to, the key is to know your friend some key parts of the gap between the newcomers and accurately describe these differences to the tailor.
Lazy collection: note that is, try to choose a size slightly smaller than their friends on behalf of the fitting, because of smaller body type will not damage the ill-fitting clothes. Moreover, the brides tend to be slim at the wedding, a slightly smaller cut will make the bride more beautiful on your wedding day.
Lazy index: ★ ★ ★
2 using electronic software ideas, easy production Wedding Countdown or budget Forms
Early in the wedding preparations, to new production budget and Wedding Countdown form, but not everyone is good at this kind of work, when you're faced with a clean slate at the start of, than on the Web looking for some easy practical software, used to make tables, help you to finish the work. Some of these software are often only requires the user to enter budget amounts, number of guests, time and date can be automatically generated data, such as forms, content is more popular, the user can according to their own needs to be modified to facilitate faster.
Lazy collection: simpler making Wedding Countdown is looking for a wedding and budget is similar to the wedding directly borrowed the Wedding Countdown, for countdown often played a major role is the integration of matters relating to the preparations for the wedding with the reminder, and not hundred percent it's time to do so directly diverted to borrow someone else's very easily.
Lazy index: ★ ★ ★
Sleeve 3 to hire a professional wedding planner
Don't think you have the imagination of creative wedding can be successfully organized many fashion and individuality of young people in order to make their wedding does not fall into the stereotypes instead of wedding planners, and arm and a leg to prepare for the wedding, but the result is often overlooked, the wedding has been held to have been bruised and battered.
The wedding professional wedding planners do not represent fixed patterns and cookie-cutter room, they can formulate feasible depending on the new needs of wedding planning. Knows wedding and wedding planner perfectly with the key points of each link, has absolute advantages in organization. Hire a professional wedding planner can make personalized wedding implementation of new, more intimidating to new, is the new lazy the first weapon.
Lazy book: want to wedding planners to be able to provide better service, must be in good early communication. One of the most important content is accurately express the idea of himself, and wedding Services Division of responsibilities. Wedding Planner to take more new people more easily. If newcomers wanted to goof off, try to choose a wedding planning service, besides, these service providers and planners with degree of higher, harmony and unity in favour of wedding style.
Lazy index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Trick 4 the bride and groom take turns to enter the lounge for a brief
During the wedding, dining time, brides and grooms can rotate into the lounge and rest for a while. Do not think that this point of time, play no role whatsoever, for a couple who already stood two to three hours is very valuable. During a break, there are conditions you can massage your feet. If the bride is wearing really not used to heels, can also take this opportunity for a pair of shoes is slightly short, wear more comfortable shoes, because the next time is often toasted part melting in a noisy crowd, the bride's body is unattractive.
Lazy book: better to have friends in this period of time to rest, do some simple massage for the couple, so you can better help newcomers to recuperate.
Lazy index: ★ ★ ★ ★
5 ideas Wedding Eve, bridal party Hotel
If the bride's family further away from wedding hotel and the bride can choose at a wedding the night before wedding hotel, this will save travelling time, the groom and the bride can get plenty of sleep the day before the wedding. And participate in the procession of friends and relatives can come to the hotel directly, avoiding the unnecessary fatigue.
Lazy collection: to know the benefits of staying at just save time bride at the hotel can also enjoy the SPA services of General, brides wedding day even more enticing.
Lazy index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
6 ideas before the wedding invite friends to show their talent show, that new entrants have the opportunity to take
If the couple around some singing and dancing friends, don't just accept their quiet blessing, arrange for friends at the wedding to show talent, not only active atmosphere of the wedding venue, also earned the couple a valuable rest time. Using friends to perform on stage for more than 10 minutes, the couple can eat some food; calm the excited mood in the lounge; or eyes closed for a moment. In short, that moment is new the best time to be lazy.
Lazy book: friends think the couple at the time of his leaving rude as possible before he finished performing, rushed on stage to give him a big hug, just good timing, friends don't pay attention to this process.
Lazy index: ★ ★ ★ ★
The saying goes: "fit all. "Most tension for wedding couples to avoid the taste of dishes sure don't often have to try to taste bad. You need horse has gourmet tastes, friends, some friends and jointly determine the tastes of dishes. By this method the wedding menu, will make most of the friends and relatives alike. Because after all the wedding banquet held not only for the couple, and the couple on a wedding, also tend to only eat one or two dishes, so the couple's tastes can be completely without regard to taste peace of popular dishes is best for wedding.
Lazy book: food choices can be found in many wedding food magazine, and gourmet reviews and recommendations on the other media through which information, narrowing the range of options. Identify dishes should also pay attention to special groups of some food supplements. For example, religious believers, friends and relatives vegetarians and those with severe allergies should be appropriate for them to add some special dishes, so that every guest can understand the good faith and care needed.
Lazy index: ★ ★
Inspiration 8 using slideshow and video recording of a small amount of table
The day of the wedding, the couple hardly have time to eat, it is the largest two day exercise. Many couples in wedding will feel tired, doctored the push Cup to change is inevitable, if you do not eat food, alcohol can cause a lot of damage to the stomach. Therefore, it is very important to take time for the couple to eat food. New photos and videos can be played using a small amount of food in the lounge.
Lazy collection: in order to protect the bride's makeup, food choices should not be soup, porridge and noodle soups are unsuitable, the best choice is a small sandwich and small Chinese dim sum, to edible size is appropriate. These foods can be set together at the banquet reservation, waiters in the lounge ready beforehand.
Lazy index: ★ ★ ★ ★
Inspiration 9 select the wedding wedding photos
Wedding photos wedding a huge project for the preparatory phase, uses new amounts of money and time. If you decide to be lazy, you can select shot in wedding documentary wedding photos. This wedding not only saves a lot of wedding preparation time, and its documentary style has become increasingly sought after by new people. No posed photos pretentious stiff pose, and thousands of people face, recorded the only moments of sincere affection and true on your wedding day. Many years later, in pictures like this whenever, will find that the most beautiful memories.
Lazy collection: If you choose the wedding their wedding photos, be sure to choose a more professional photographers. You know, snap a shot more difficult than taking pictures, if not professional photographers, photo is completely lost as a wedding effect. If you need to decorate wedding venues wedding photo of the couple, while newcomer determine the overall shape, it can shoot a few groups, saving both time and can also further define the overall shape effect, can be described as too.
Lazy index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Comfortable slippers: Although newcomers to enter the rest of the time, but it should as far as possible within the limited time most tired feet relax, take off your high heels or shoes, change into comfortable slippers ready, let your feet relax. Because the feet are important parts of conduction fatigue, let your feet rest in time to make new instant recovery.
Small shoulder massage tools: standing new appear most frequently in the wedding day gesture, to avoid back pain. Hope at the wedding day is a good posture, take some time with a small tool to massage the back of the massage is very helpful.
High calorie snacks such as chocolate: not really crowded eating if the couple at the wedding, you can eat carries a high fat diet to alleviate hunger and tiredness. High-calorie foods such as chocolate, not only compact and convenient to eat, is one of the must-have items of the wedding.
Portable steam irons: there are so many new people can't sit in the process is due to the wedding wearing a dress is easy to fold, and for their perfection in the shape of, the couple preferred to stand all day. If portable steam iron is ready, the couple can no longer had to worry about the issue, after appropriate for tea, produced minor folds in slightly spray steam iron, would be removed, and will not leave water marks. Is in need of attention, in the spray when ironing dress, must grasp the point, never, ever couple burns. BACK

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