Perfect groom before marriage 7th method of skin care

With just a week to go get married. Walking into the Wedding Hall that everyone dreams of, who do not want to have the most perfect moment in front of many family and friends. However, tension and long before the wedding, as well as from the environment, the pressure of work and many other objective factors, groom always some dead ends and the skin is not cleared. Don't worry, now comes a week before the wedding to a skin care snacks for themselves and believe in divine Wedding Hall, you will be the perfect groom!
Snack goal: emergency care + black eye to
Last seven days of the Sprint time, arranged the itinerary is full, but busy and don't forget to emergency care for the skin, because it related to the image of their wedding day project.
Snack Tip:
1. lack of sleep cause dark circles, so to adjust the lifestyle habits, try to go to bed early and get up early. Meanwhile, you can DIY an eye mask, cut the potatoes into half a cm slices and put it on your eyes for 15 minutes, the starch in the potato is the enemy of dark circles.
2. to accompany the bride go to the beauty parlor at the same time, it can take an hour for yourself to do an intensive skin care.
3. pay attention to diet, avoid all hot greasy food, don't let greed of mouth to increase his wedding Hall several kilograms of meat.
4. If time permits, bubble bath for an hour every night, the inner ribs of the body clear will make the whole better will get better
Snack goal: emergency care + reduce pores anti-sensitive
Last seven days will be running around in circles, but even then, too, remember skin snacks are in good order, whether it is hair care and maintenance of skin, be aware that last week you attitude determines skin to skin on the day of the wedding.
Snack Tip:
1. men are large pores, so at the end of a week which strengthen pores care, no bride wants to be on camera and camera left his thick pore.
2. autumn skin temperature, skin also tend to become more sensitive than usual. If you don't want your skin on her wedding day suddenly become itchy, red, then prepares an anti-sensitive this week.
3. wedding hair is also a detail not to be ignored, though tedious styling without the bride and groom, but also to increase the emergency maintenance, know that shiny hair than any more fun.
Snack goal: emergency care + julep
As a fashion aside, most tense moments are the most relaxed moment. Before may have been a lot of preparation for their skin care, but in the last week of crisis, work harder still in detail, don't let the small details that make efforts to fall short before.
Snack Tip:
1. men's oil secretion more exuberant, so always pay attention to your t-zone, if you have blackheads occur, quickly find a way to make it go away, because the black is forever linked with the sloppy equals of men.
2. If you want the skin for extra points in their own image, this time every night of the week dealing with the mask as much as possible, to know the mask contained a lot of essence can make skin dry before immediately radiant.
3. If the skin due to improper care, left acne scars or scars, don't get discouraged at this time, looking for a concealer product is necessary for wedding day. BACK

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