Seven days before the Wedding Countdown

Only have a week left before the wedding. You should also take a look at yourself and to make your glorious glow in the last few days. Now would be a good way to let you say "I do", it seemed extraordinarily moving.
Seven days before the wedding
Hair and makeup for your rehearsal. Arrange all day practice, practice, practice. Try a new makeup shades of different? A special hairstyle? Hands to get a soft facial tissue and eye cleaning agent to constantly wipe replace old makeup makeup.
Take a a staff to help you look beautiful heads and ornaments to make yourself more effect at a time.
Began repairing nails hand creams or special skin care and massage to eliminate rough or dry skin. If your nails are too soft, then protein, used again in three or four days before the wedding to make it harden. Nail Polish paint protection.
Does your skin taut wrinkle-free? Arranging a wedding is a main job of work, and one of the most intense work. If you have looked tired dull skin, use a toner, it can make you glowing, protect the skin from free radical damage. After today and you should use it.
1 even if you loose hair on your wedding day, also used hair dryer to it blowing out high on the Crown, flat hair in the picture is dull.
2 facial and eye makeup some rough than colorful makeup photo view is better. So on the big day to be ready at hand to rub the powder box.
3 consult beauty consultant for expert guidance, make your makeup shades to achieve the most brilliant results. Ordering it today you need makeup palette, you will get to the hands.
4 permanent makeup color as you test the last one, all day then you can no longer find it, again to see how it works.
5 from now on, you have to take care of your nails: skin, shape, or try again after a few days of various colors of nail polish.
Six days before the wedding
Really, once more than half this week, you'll be too busy, too excited to have the rest. Now get some sleep to store energy.
Five days before her wedding
Facial for at least an hour to do plenty of time makes you live moments of a three-step facial.
Step one: wash face with cleanser for your skin.
Step two: do a quick 10-minute mask only to remove dead skin.
The third step: moisturize your skin as usual, if you have no SPF in moisturizing cream, you still need to put some sunscreen. BACK

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