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Why the wedding dress is white? why do brides stand on the groom's left? think about Western wedding etiquette, can really ask why 100,000. Here we give members a detailed interpretation of Western wedding etiquette, wedding ceremony in full understanding of everything represents a profound meaning.
Western wedding etiquette 1: why do brides wear white wedding dress?
We all know that wedding dress color is white, but do you know why the bride should wear white wedding dress?
From the Roman era, white is the symbol of the celebrations, such as in China, red a symbol of celebration. In the 1850-1990 years, white is a symbol of prosperity. Early in the 20th century, white represents purity of far more significance than others. So white is usually the preferred color for dress, but also symbolizes the bride's beauty and holiness.
Western wedding etiquette knowledge 2: why brides weddings are always on the groom's left?
Different from the traditional Chinese wedding, Western wedding than "male left, female right" position stands. That's because in ancient times, Anglo-Saxon of the groom often must stand up to protect to avoid it being taken away from the bride. At the time of the wedding ceremony, bride and groom stood at his left, once a rival appears, immediately drew his sword to repel the enemy.
Western wedding etiquette knowledge 3: why does a bride wear a veil?
Initially, the Bridal Veil symbolizes youth and pure. It is said that when a beautiful patrician girl, casually standing behind the white curtain, her fiance saw stunning nature, admiration, it gave her the wedding with white's inspiration, her action immediately set off a fashion, which is the origin of the custom of the bride wore a white veil today.
Western wedding etiquette knowledge 4: why should I cut the wedding cake?
According to the European custom, the bride and groom kissing across the cake. Have a clever cake Division struck, variety of cakes mixed together and stamped with a layer of white frosting, became the modern wedding cake.
When you cut the cake, the bride and groom must both use a knife to cut down the first piece of cake, not a person, and don't let others do it for them. While the breadcrumb represents luck, single girl home with cake crumbs, placed under the pillow will be able to see their future in a dream what Prince charming looks like.
Western wedding etiquette 5: why have a honeymoon tour?
"Honeymoon" is a newly-married couple after the wedding sweet alone time. "Honeymoon" (Honeymoon) the term has its origins in Europe, previous marriages occur are captured, and usually the bride refused, so the groom took his bride to where others could not be found.
And in ancient honey is life, and health and birth capacity of symbol, so in married Hou of 33 days within or again to months round Shi, they daily are to drink by honey fermentation made of beverage, on has has "honeymoon" a Word, and this custom also spread down, now all of wedding couple will in wedding end Hou together to somewhere celebrates new life of began.
Hope this wedding etiquette-etiquette of marriage in the West a detailed analysis can provide information and help.

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