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Italy Verona: Watch a Juliet balcony
In Italy charming scenery is beautiful watch Juliet on the balcony in Verona is Italy's oldest and most beautiful cities. Swept the world from Shakespeare's masterpiece of Verona, Romeo and Juliet, Verona is the hometown of Romeo and Juliet, naturally, become young men and women who love places of worship in the world.
Located in the center of kapeiluolu, 27th in the yard of a small building are Juliet's House. Hospital front stands a statue of real tall, bronze statue of Juliet – slim, affectionate and slightly melancholy. Due to the legend of touching the statue's right chest can bring love, statue of Juliet's right breast is very shiny. Is fascinated that so many young men and women on the left the statue of marble balconies, tryst when Romeo and Juliet place filled with blessed words of love on all the doors.
In addition, Juliet's tomb is one of Verona of Saskatchewan. Legend has it that this is the place where Romeo and Juliet, secretly married, so each year many couples coming here from all over the world to get married in order to defend love like Romeo and Juliet. Century spread the story of Romeo and Juliet, whether real change is no longer important-love became a religion in Verona ... ...
France, Provence:
France Provençal Knight love Provençal is Europe's "city of the Knights: named after the film of the Horseman on the roof. Italy Knight Angelo fled to here for the revolutionary cause. Autobiography: the gentleman and the Lady Paulina met achievement into a chaotic love ... ... When Paulina and Angelo met again, in Provençal when riding on the vast land, everything becomes exhilarating, Kingdom of the early summer it is Lavender.
Legend, a young girl picking flowers met a handsome youth who was injured on the way, crush girls will be left at home to grieve. Date of healing, love both of which cannot be separated. Because of family opposition, girls ready to elope to blooming roses lover home. His departure, in order to test each other's heart, girl Granny village way, will throw handfuls of lavender to the young men, purple smoke suddenly rises, along with young men disappear, leaving only the "my heart is you want to go." Soon, the girls with light smoke disappear. Provençal is a love poem, no one can live without moving ... ...
Prague, Czech Republic: gold "Angkor Thom"
Prague was founded in Renaissance Romanesque-Gothic round towers and Baroque old building is still intact. Crooked spire, adjacent to Tallinn, "city of hundred towers", hence the name.
Walking on the Charles Bridge, every few steps on the lovers on the bridge can be seen kissing scene. Replace Weng located on the old town square Church in ancient city of love even more mysterious colours. On behalf of Adam and Eve's 80-metre towers thick love Italy-couple brings a lot of imagination ... ...
Germany Cologne: listening to God's Word
Cologne was born in the First century BC the Roman era, "Northern Rome" said, because of a series of Church architecture was seen as "the Jerusalem of the North". And the Church is the guardian of the sacred marriage. People make life not the same oath in front of Jesus. Cologne Cathedral is 157 meters high, is the closest to God's holy sites in the world. Here lovers can most directly and clearly heard the sound of the blessings of God ... ...
United Kingdom in Stratford: zero-distance contact with Shakespeare
Quiet is known for Shakespeare in Stratford, Shakespeare was to create the world's most beautiful love story which was later worshipped. Probably is the charming scenery of the town gives him is so touching love of imagination.
Henry Street on the north side of Shakespeare's House. Home of Shakespeare's wife is an elegant Mountain House is located in the Green bushes. Throw keep the appearance of the year in the House, the settee beside the fire, according to legend is where Shakespeare and his wife, I love you to each other before marriage. Times circulation, once the sweet and warm can still vaguely in the tentacles feel ... ...
Portugal obidos: wedding
Located in Portugal's capital Lisbon North "obidos", a former Portugal King Tang·dinisi to Queen tangna·yishabeier wedding gift, also known as "the wedding of the city". Portugal, and even lovers all over the world have put the obidos as the beginning of the marriage ... ...
Greece Athens: searching for traces of goddess
Search for Eros: "If you haven't seen Athens, you are a fool; you're seeing Athens without ecstasy, you are a donkey; if you left voluntarily, you are camel......" Athens for Zeus's daughter, named after Athena represents wisdom and justice and beauty.
The legendary son of Athena, which is long with wings, hand pulled the bow of Cupid is a mysterious mountain gives a deep love. Looking at the night sky of PISCES, the little Cupid and Psyche of mortal girls love seems to have become the ears the soft call ... ...
Morocco Casablanca: White City
Casablanca takes its name from Spain language, meaning "White House". Casablanca is Morocco's largest city. Hollywood film Casablanca is a must for the White City famous throughout the world.
The melodies reminds of the time good time memories. White façade still reflects the Rick and ILSA in Casablanca's face. Handsome wealthy man somewhat cynical, beautiful old lover, flames of war, how the smoke times. Coexistence of hope in despair, love, dream interpretation is more faithful in the chaotic city. Facing death, all the resentment faded away with the wind. "In love" is always the same theme ... ...
Brazil Rio de Janeiro: passionate
Romantic Rio de Janeiro takes its name from an interesting story: in January 1502, Portugal people coast suddenly surrounded by Golden Sands. They find out, it is called "River of January". Later went ahead, this dreamy color names have been in use ever since. "God took six days to create the world, seventh day created in Rio de Janeiro", Brazil Rio de Janeiro, people are always so soft.
Rio de Janeiro made colorful legend of love. Hollywood new kinds of Jews in the city of God Azeris and had married a young woman across two continents, experienced half a century of love stories, romantic wartime Rio, but also to the "city of God" adds a heavy romantic ... ...
Korea Cheju Island: love is Heaven
Moments filled with romantic Korea Jeju Island, the original has made feelings more alcohol is thicker, love beauty more magic, becoming Korea newlyweds honeymoon destination of. Mountain King does not leave, Mt bailutan and Seongsan ilchulbong peak was Jeju Island, three of the most famous attractions. By root and have wood and stone Garden Island consisting of many myths of concrete and Visual.
"-DOE lives" is a called a DOE a fairing couple from love and middle-aged to elderly patients with different image carved in order of priority. Many couples come here especially, take this love story to express to grow old, loving a good wish. Two themes love and mystery to make Jeju Island a desirable love paradise. BACK

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