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2011 bridal fashion bowknot round your princess dream

2011 wedding dress fashion what? bow, has been one of many girls childhood favorite decoration, but also loaded with a little Princess dreams, and now generation newcomers still have a soft spot for sweet bow, and it became important elements in the 2011 bridal fashion! Butterfly wedding yarn round your princess dream!
2011 wedding dress fashion-men love bow tie
It is said that men always wore a bow-tie style wedding dress woman has a preference, because it marks the girl's lovely and pure. At a time when brides father girl hand-delivered to another man's hands, bow girl marks the leaving time, and from then on she was gentle, submissive wife.
2011 wedding dress fashion-romantic Delightful romantic, soft yarn, satin smooth as water, clean smooth lines, and seemingly random arm bow, seems to be telling people, romantic can be such a pure expression, can be so gentle. Let the bride like a butterfly, in the beautiful summer dance.
2011 wedding dresses style – tall and elegant bow tie
Bows wedding dress style is minimalist design, with crisp satin create wedding dress sense of architectural design, with previous dancing skirts of the bow, and some tough, look elegant. Big bow on the waist line, you can highlight the bride tall stature.
2011 wedding dresses fashion – bow beauty match
If you select bold Butterfly design, you need to have multiple detail to perfection, such as lace, small flowers, Pearl necklace, and so on. The waist line is too long, waist adorn a small bow, can also remove this embarrassment, sense of increasing the levels of wedding dresses. Dalu back wedding dress behind her back with a big bow, also to take you back considerably.
Bow is not just a simple decoration, bride and it has also become a generation of teenage time memories, butterfly wedding yarn round your princess dream, pure love forever.

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