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Artistic inspiration to create porcelain white skin

White quarter avalanche of whitening products blow came, exactly what kind of whitening products to choose a beautiful girls wrestling. In fact, white than if you aspire to an ideal State, it also requires us to maintain a relaxed attitude to do, enjoy the process. Is like creating a piece of porcelain art, cannot be achieved overnight, you need vision-to cultivate forging skills-maintenance phases, whitening plan you can also draw inspiration, to sublimate your skin white Pegasus art realm. This year, may wish to elaborate burn cast white as your work of art, with the temperament of an artist to do your "fine, ripe and pure, run" whitening of the ideal.
Find your whitening goals
Referring to white a few years earlier, most everyone says is the "white as snow", but these days the woman's pursuit of more and more whitening, or even some, like some girls want to whitening eye mask or eye creams to remove dark circles. They put too much skin condition all belong to the realm of whitening, but diverted much attention. Most of us understand the sense of can't have your cake and eat it too, as if creating a work of art prior to conception, set a tone, simple and elegant and abstract and cannot be shown. White, too, according to their own whitening skin conditions established to high ideals, catching the main contradiction, permeability is moist, flawless are glossy, each brand has its own relevance. More attention to products that can help you achieve the desired to develop a remedy, don't be greedy, don't bother, this is the company you're whitening soul go on the road.
White train good "soil"
Many girls may have failed beauty experience, apart from those who exaggerate the effect of the brand or not for objective reasons, ignores prior to whitening skin tone is also a key issue. Like to create a good work of art, to have good material based on cultivating good soil, later to play, into the artistic temperament of blood. Therefore, whitening before you have to produce a piece of work the best skin of soil, to the best skin aftercare, conducive to the next white influence, this aspect is often overlooked, but it is particularly important.
Editing recommendation
1. Select Add Chinese products or plant extract products, with appropriate massage skin. Fade cream products focused on applied to the cheekbones, nose and other spots dense place, as far as possible with your index finger, middle finger lateral pull.
2. If the inflammation affects the skin whitening effect, can have a soothing, anti-inflammatory effects of lavender, tea tree essential oil to wash your face in the water, from the details of his life skin.
3. If you can't go to bed at 10 o'clock in the evening beauty sleep, must in the evening time on skin care, cream, and cream served in a timely manner.

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