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Chinese wedding customs and traditions

Chinese wedding customs and traditions
In China, it has lots and lots of practice in the tradition of wedding planning, wedding China has thousands of years of history and unique cultural features of traditional Asian wedding culture is based on a traditional Chinese culture developed. Times change though some wedding etiquette has faded, but the essence remains preserved charm. Traditional Chinese wedding comes from thousands of years of Chinese culture, Chinese Red, red is a symbol of good luck.
1. three books: according to the Chinese traditional etiquette, referring to be invited during the instrument, namely:
"Appointment"-book of engagement, engagement Exchange;
"Books"-gift list of auspicious gift of kind and quantity of gift exchange;
"Welcome"-book of his bride, her wedding when the bride came in.
2. six: is defined by marriage to the media to marry, marriage procedures. Are:
"Mining satisfied" – commonly known as matchmaking, matchmakers, please go to the woman's home is the man's hand, the woman's family on the marriage, the man to marry;
"Ask"-commonly known as the eight, thanks to matchmaker does the woman's date of birth and name, ready to hehun ritual;
"Nagi"--after which man does not augur well, inform the woman's House, preliminary agreed marriage;
"NA syndrome"-also known as gift, engagement gift man select an auspicious day to her home;
"Please"-married to select an auspicious day, Doubleday old choose an auspicious day for two months, not three, six, in November, three have scattered instead of six, because you don't want to couple only discovers marriage November implied meaning not;
"Pro"-the wedding day, the bride man books in person at her home.
3. jiaobeijiu
With two red lines connecting glass drink wedlock, the wedding was called "Phoenix's three-point", "a nod" to drink, "second head" husband and wife the whole Cup of wine into cups, wife and then the wine is split between the husband, "three heads" husband and wife Exchange Cup drink. Drink jiaobeijiu symbol after the couple as a whole, have the same status, married love, harmony of Pepsi, and also contains the bride and groom share amongst ourselves.
4. fire curtain door
When the sedan stopped, the groom holding bows and arrows, respectively, shoot three arrows to heaven, Earth, the bride, meaning arrow bow feet. This ancient customs is said to ward off evil bride, as well as a layer of meaning, is to give the bride a horse power, reminding her new daughter-in-law after honor the women, be a good real Lady's wife.
5. cross fire
The bride and groom together over the Brazier, meaning evil pray for the rest of your life is booming. Brazier tradition, legend has it that in order to prevent "ghost" track, the ghosts are afraid of fire, unable to cross the Brazier, from "one two."
6. throw ball
Thrown hydrangea custom of the Zhuang nationality by the song, gradually evolved into young men and women the way to express love, the event was in the ascendant is fashionable. Today thrown hydrangea forms into Western-style tradition of throwing the wedding bouquet, meaning sharing joy, pass happy.
7. step on the tile
Every year in safety step tile, on behalf of the past such as broken tiles in General, to start a new life, "the last time a piece of tile." Additional means, ancient people boy crushed tiles of the original meaning is that the bride not to "daughter", which would like to have boys.
8. pick a covering
Pick veil this ceremony is the wedding night first of all of the things we are most familiar with. Bride and groom use the beams to pick the head of the hijab, hijab after vastness, bride and groom hand touching the hair. Beams open cover to take "satisfactory" meant, stroking hair, is a symbol of happiness.
9. the bridal chamber: the earlier provisions, the groom's sibling brother the new downtown, old people think "new does not make hair, more and more," and avoid new exorcism, marriage luck

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