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Choosing the right wedding dress doing excellent bride

In order to make your wedding day becomes the focus of attention, many brides choose wedding dresses are very cautious hope is carefully selected to the best way to bring their beautiful wedding. But in making the selection, you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of their bodies, as far as possible to zoom in on the principle of merit, cosmetic defects.
★ Poor lower body line (buttocks, legs too big ...)
Ponte skirt styles to hide as much as possible, don't pick like a fishtail skirt design line style.
★ Meat
To choose from waist with inverted triangle design lines of wedding dresses or high waist babydoll dress, were able to shift the focus of fuzzy vision.

Can pick and choose with set shawl design, or find yourself capable of matching shawls as molded ornament cover arms, nor in the cool autumn season post-impressionists, don't pick the straps too small dress, lest in stark contrast to highlight shortcomings.
★ Body so thin
It is best to avoid picking too low cut or bare and high style, lest the hold, can pick the Turtleneck or long sleeved with a Victorian-style wedding dress, temperament and sense of place.

With a focus on simple understated elegant cut design is too complex design, but will have the illusion of a sturdy frame, in case of skirts and skin design, but will emphasize a top-heavy feeling of incongruity.
In accordance with the above-mentioned figure method of selecting wedding, as long as usual to pay more attention to personal style, seek the advice of friends and wedding stylist, usually can be selected to suit your beautiful wedding dress, do not blindly followed persistent personal the dream some designs, are completely ignored body of privatization goes well with problems.

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