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Han-style wedding basics (a) Han basic service features

From the emperors of this period of the Ming dynasty and Han peoples wore clothing, known as the Han Chinese clothing. Han Han nation thousands of years of traditional national costume, is the best way to reflect the characteristics of Han clothing, every nation has a characteristic national costumes, Hanfu reflect the national characteristics of Han. From the thousands of years of emperors in the Ming dynasty, Han nationality, with their wisdom, created colorful Chinese clothing culture and development form a national Chinese clothing system unique characteristics--Han Chinese clothing system. Profound, comprehensive system, long beautiful Chinese clothes, is one of China's rare great wealth, is worthy of every Chinese proud. (Note: in General, clothes, Chinese wear are the traditional Hanfu's nickname. ) The objective of Han Chinese historical stage costumes such as Chinese flag wear/dress/jacket and so on must not be called "Han costume" as they converge with the real evolution of the Hanfu is not functioning properly.
Basic characteristics of
(1) historical
Han Chinese clothing is mainly dominated by Han regime of the feudal period costumes, which illustrates the Hanfu is historic.
(2) inheritance of
Inheritance of Han Chinese clothing history heritage. During this long period of time, Chinese clothing followed from generation to generation throughout history, characteristics of the global recession hit the world, which reflects the historical development of Han Chinese clothing heritage.
(3) diversity and identity
Diversity and identity refers to the Han Chinese clothing styles of diversity and Han Chinese clothing (or style) of identity. As a thousand years of history, and obedience is not a style, "under the coat skirts", "deep clothing", "ru dress" a wide variety of styles reflects the diversity as a centuries-old national dress. Although Han Chinese clothing has always been rich in style, but the basic shape of Chinese clothing (or style) "adorned with right overlapping part, not buttons, rope binding" feature is the inconvenience through the ages, this is the identity of Chinese clothing. Identity and unity in diversity is a feature of Han Chinese clothing.
(4) complete
Completeness refers to the completeness of the Hanfu's own internal system. After thousands of years of development, Chinese clothing is already a mature fashion, not only within species rich, sophisticated technology, and Han Chinese clothing accessories is very heavy and rich.
(5) the integration of the
Coherence refers to the Han Chinese clothing and traditional cultural compatibility, Hanfu is to a large extent has been seen as authentic symbols of traditional culture and Chinese clothing itself embodies the traditional culture, Chinese clothing and traditional culture as a.

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