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Luoyang marriage-"bed"

What is the "bed"? Bed was a step he Luo customs. This provision, when the wedding first night, with the exception of bride and groom, there are one or two sleeping on the bed with his brother. If this sounds a bit strange? Do not blame, for granted. People in heluo area "bed" as a rather strict and prudent practice because bed indicates the auspicious, heralds good fortune, indicating virility health, indicates that the "descendants". So, in the gums on human choice very good, first of all, to choose men younger than grooms peers, the best is the brother of the groom or groom's cousin, cousin, or friends of the groom. Second, the press must be a sound singles, ages, of course, the smaller the better, the most suitable age of election to the five or six years of age, both something and doesn't know any better, think fun and feel the glory, it can play the role of press and don't hold up the bride and groom a good thing.
According to civil legend, wedding of night often has Reiki clings to, not by enlightenment and in chaos State of male children is keep has original of pure of masculine of gas, can town evil yajing, so invited pressure bed people so of primary role is is this; again, health thus has auspicious of gas, can guarantee groom bride wedding auspicious, and can up to continued offspring, more health your child of role. Because legends on the marriage bed of Reiki can dispel all diseases, cures back pain leg pain, bow-bow Ridge, so more young men and women on their wedding night on your new bed to lay down.
I press, avoid wetting the bed. Folk think "urine and a half bed, is auspicious; urine one night, become more prosperous. "In order to become more prosperous, married men and women will have to put the bed in the middle of the bed where can I" pee "rather than" pee half a bed. " Or consider bed and the more the better, so that brides on their wedding night nowhere.
"Bed" was actually part of marriage habits and customs of another young man really keen enthusiasts is "harassment". "Bridal chamber" also known as "teasing the bride", "the bride" or "make flowers a daughter-in-law." Heluo area saying: "new 3rd no size", meaning in the three days before the wedding, people can be amusing jokes with the bride, without regard to the usual courtesy and civility. That being said, and amused with the bride's sibling or descendant should take on young men and women.

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