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Luoyang marriage-"bridal chamber"

"Bridal chamber" originated from the ancient ghost exorcism avoidance. New homes new home is said to be, new furniture and new equipment, often accompanied by a different secret, so to get people to make a make, drive out bad. So every think bridal chamber much more lively, shows the owner of more popular and more auspicious, "more and more". Now the bridal chamber is purely for fun, generally select a night in the bridal chamber, dominated by games, making the bride and groom, rendering the festive atmosphere. Game mode: touch gold hanging wedlock, eating apples, beans, paste roof, Saharan, into snails and so on. Now more civilized fashion also singing, poetry, jokes, and so on.
The bridal chamber in the lively, on their wedding night, and fun, frolicking singing, laughter and constant, particularly because the bride in the bridal chamber reserved, shy, sensitive to fertility problem taboo, so do this deliberately dark said, Pierce the paper, makes the bride pulled and tore the young woman in the harem 构词成分。 Nirvana, make up into a ball, adding a lively atmosphere.
Invasion is often late into the night, or even in the bridal chamber under the bed "eavesdrop" overnight "well intentioned".

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