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Luoyang marriage---door

Luoyang marriage habits, three days of marriage, the bride will have to bring the groom together back home, also known as the "door". This is a necessary ritual. Brides parents similarly attaches great importance to the three days, so the groom prior days of whether it is ideologically or on the gifts must be prepared, seeking to Patti leave a pleasant impression. Gift ready in advance, bought a new family favorite gifts for the elderly, gifts usually have four. Door start at 90 o ' clock in the morning. Seriously modified, as should the bride and groom to the wedding dress, keep that beautiful wedding, beautiful images. Back to the home, the bride and groom first to greet the elderly. At this time, the groom should be changed, as with the bride called parents MOM and dad, to be called natural, friendly towards relatives, friends and neighbours should also be showing a tender warm, polite, see people greeting and respect.

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