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Luoyang marriage-"dumplings"

What is the "dumpling"? "Jiaozi" heluo when another form of marriage. "Dumpling" is also called "portable", and of course, sometimes also with "noodles". When the bride at her wedding, her "dumpling" family meals such as dowry to the groom's family, dumplings the number and noodles to the bride's age to determine the number of kilograms, usually equal to the number and age of the bride. Send dumpling is designed to seal the in-laws mouth, lest her daughter to her in-laws after nagging. Due to past farm girl was out the door, first to the husband's family, strangers, stiff, hard to socialize. In order to make her daughter into the family's home for a few days at the beginning of not being hungry in the grievance, family will prepare some "convenience" foods so that her daughter would eat at an appropriate time. To the family's home after the bride's first meal is boiled dumplings, her sister-in-law a few half-baked dumplings side to new houses, let the bride eat dumplings tasted in full view and loudly asked: "does not? "Only when the bride shy to say"! "When, just as you like it, or never let go. Because the "dumpling" is an indication that the bride will bear her child, family, incense has continued.

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