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Summer dress and groom should be how to choose

How to wear summer dress and groom should? hot weather in summer, summer dress and groom pick what principles should be followed. Wedding day, the most closely watched not only in her beautiful wedding, the bride, have more eyes will be put to the groom's body. Today on the basic knowledge of summer dress and groom, hoping to help more newcomers.
Summer bride dress: white dress
Do not prepare too heavy suits, you can choose to breathe a little white dress.
White gown will make the groom look more handsome, and under the sun exposure is not as warm. Grasp the air conditioning temperature in the hotel, would not have to worry too much about hot issues, wait to toast groom can take the suit off.
Summer dress and groom: a thin shirt
If the personality of the couple, you can choose a short shirt and tie, looks both stylish and spirit.
Long sleeve means "long life", many parents are very focused on this. If you do not agree to wear a shirt with short sleeves at home, we prepare 2 thin long sleeve shirts texture, if the groom sweat shirt was soaked, and there is a shirt can be replaced.
Summer dress and groom:
On the shirt with a vest, it'll make the groom attire is more formal. Vest colors not too thick, light color is better. Wearing a vest body, paired with a nice tie or bow tie, will definitely keep the groom is temperamental.

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