Wedding classes

The origin of wedding cake

Middle of the 19th century, and cousin Prince Albert Victoria's wedding, exquisite three-layer cake becoming a major attraction. At the time called the luxury for the win. Three-tier cake at this point has become the traditional model of a wedding cake.
Wedding cake is also called "sweet cake" made general selection of food that can be saved for a long time. Each layer has a different meaning, the bottom is for wedding guests to share, middle is prepared by the distant relatives are unable to attend, and the top will be new well kept, used to commemorate the anniversary of the wedding or to meet them love Crystal's birth.
In addition, the new feed first, meaning two people live comfortably and clothing through this life ... ... Once upon a time, making wedding cakes of wheat flour is used to sprinkle on the bride's head, as a symbol of luck and prosperity. The same sense, in Europe, a symbol of living together as a couple, newly married couples in a habit of initially cutting the wedding cake. There are activities such as guests in a gesture of blessing for newlyweds, you must eat the wedding cake.

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