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The wedding how to pose? how to pose the most beautiful

The wedding how to pose? that position out of the wedding is the most beautiful, to wedding photos are natural, wedding how to pose correctly? either from the angle, still face, and eyes and other areas need attention. To make a beautiful wedding, see considerations for the wedding how to pose.
Wedding how to pose- Head slightly upward, and nose look smaller. His nose on a slightly higher position than the lens, can make the face look more beautiful, and to reduce the lower part of the eye shadow. Natural stand up straight, straight back, long legs, hips, curves will come out and face will sparkle. Body slightly forward, as a result, vision will be more icing on the face, the face area will be relatively narrow.
Wedding how to pose-the face not too rigid
Imagine that you are the most beautiful person, don't worry about their looks does not look good, be relaxed and confident. Smile is the most photogenic face, but photos don't laughed, so as not to eye fine lines of the week obviously, lost its manners. Tighten the jaws, face presents an elegant pose, eyes slightly from the bottom upwards, will become more intense, eyes bigger. Through their own way was sharpened by Chin, can be as simple as a slightly raised mouth, some ears, when you bring to the ears, Chin also pointed out.
Wedding how to pose-the head and body line cream
When the outdoor wedding, if the head and body in a straight line, it will produce a dull feeling. So when front towards the camera, the head should be slightly to the left or right, photos will look elegant and lively. Similarly, when the couple's eyes are on the scene and allows the body to go into a certain point of view, will make the picture look angry and momentum, and increase the sense of depth.
Wedding how to pose-emotional-eye
Displays of affection in the eye, photos can be affectionate. Even if it's just a POSE, please imagine you are laughing and listening to a lover complained, don't they look straight at her eyes dull. When we face the camera, eyes can't help but become stiff. Try to forget the camera, showing the most natural look will make your photo look more immersive. Too much light will cast shadows on the face, make people squint your eyes, try to communicate with the photographer, selected on a cloudy day on location, the light and the effect will be more beautiful.

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