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Why the wedding dress is white

Luoyang marriage---why is white wedding
White wedding and romantic wedding, in the hearts of the bride is almost synonymous to this women look forward to most, wearing the least amount of clothing, woven into how many gorgeous women in dreams.
Wedding bridal in white mainstream did not have a long history in the 18th century, Western brides are still used to wear their favorite color to match, only the poor bride wore a simple white robes to indicate that she did not bring to the marriage of any property.
Will eventually be introduced in white society, and make it a wedding fashion is dominated in 1840, Queen Victoria in white dressed in luxurious white wedding dress at the wedding present, trimmed with luxurious white satin lace, as pure and beautiful as a Lotus, suddenly bright surprised four, become the object of pursuit followed.
From then on, set off the Holy bride on your wedding day, showing love permanent Manchester yarn costume, but the bride wore a white wedding dress.

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