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Chinese wedding

Chinese wedding

wedding is one of the essence of Chinese traditional culture, red sedan, mighty procession of a guard of honour, bride, lift lid ... ... Wearing a "fengguanxiapei, top service" Chinese wedding, "the search for cultural roots, traditional folk" people became new "fashion", this is the Chinese wedding.

    groom put top gown, the bride pidai fengguanxiapei. Top nine robe is made of red robes but hat is commonly said, put flowers. Rockhopper is decorated with silver or other textures of Phoenix model, Xia Pei is a red shawl, generally speaking, the bride dressed in red silk jackets pants, embroidered shoes, embroidered Mandarin, Plum, Lotus designs.




        ancient mating time, he must go to the wedding. "Pro" is the most solemn ritual in a six man. No wedding groom, there is no virgin bride. Ancient Pro-ying, on foot, also useful vehicles, more common is the palanquin for the eight national people's Congress to the wedding.



     the bride represents the worship of the gods of heaven and Earth and thanks to Gao is the embodiment of filial piety; as thanks on behalf of couples each other.



    from ancient to modern times, has the same meaning in every wedding, is the couple to open a beautiful new life in an era of abundant information, The Chinese wedding again sought after by young, red represents happiness, this wedding is not busy.


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